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Welcome to the Growing Trust Series

Trust has a clear goal: to provide your team with the structure, process, and tools to accelerate your growth, reach, and impact.

I LOVE being able to provide this support to my clients both on Zoom and in person. I provide training and coaching, meeting facilitation, and strategic planning support. I get to play the role of the connector - creating structure and space so passionate and smart people can use their collective widome to tackle large, complex projects.

However, as a small organization, I know my personal impact was limited by hours in the day. That is why, along with my consulting services, I offer this on-demand training. This Series is a way to grow my impact without depleting the source that allows me to do this important work. An investment from me up front to provide on-demand guidance, tools and templates, and support for you when you need it in your career or your volunteer activities. 

Take a sneak peek at the Growing Trust Series newest course!

"Trust Together - Trust, Feedback, and Growth" was designed to provide you with the vocabulary, tools, and framework to begin to understand and foster trust, operationalize feedback, and grow an adaptable and resilient team. 

Trust is about how we choose to work together in a healthy, productive, and honest way; about where we want to be when goals are reached, and fostering the lasting relationships necessary for the interdependencies of climate justice work.

- Dallase Scott, Trust Founder & Principal

My Trust You Pledge

As part of launching the “Growing Trust” Series, I am operationalizing a way for me to give back. I am dedicating 50% of the revenue from the first installment of the Growing Trust Series: “Trust You - Facilitation for Organization Change” to a charity I believe we need now more than ever - Women for Women International. Women’s rights are essential in addressing climate change.