About The Course

I have seen teams stacked with talent get stuck because of a deficit of trust. The team functions in disparate parts, unable to operate using quick feedback loops and ongoing iteration - skillsets required of efficient and effective teams.

Without trust, we move around very cautiously. It slows us down.

"Trust Together - Trust, Feedback, and Growth" was designed to provide you with the vocabulary, tools, and framework to begin to understand and foster trust, operationalize feedback, and grow an adaptable and resilient team. 

The first part of this training will focus on the individual. You will be led through self-reflection activities, an essential starting point to becoming a good communicator with others.

In the second part, you will bring the insights you learned from your reflections and apply them to interpersonal relationships. You will learn how to prepare for, and have, difficult conversations; and develop the vocabulary needed to engage in conflict and be provided with tools and resources for creating a feedback culture in your organization. Activities will encourage you to get curious about past interactions – understanding why feedback fell flat or conversations didn’t go as planned. You will also have time to practice preparing for interpersonal challenges that you face in your work and beyond.  

Finally, you will learn how the first two sections are the essential building blocks of an adaptive and resilient team. The training culminates with an exercise in practicing vulnerability, which you’ll learn is foundational for developing trust. 

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Develop a better understanding of yourself and your staff and colleagues.
  • Review resources to foster trust by creating psychological safety in your workplace.
  • Develop a new mental framework and vocabulary to establish a feedback culture.
  • Learn how to recognize and name when miscommunication is happening and how to repair it afterward.

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