About The Course

I love teaching this course!

Creating change requires trust, and trust starts with you. That is why the foundation course of the Growing Trust Series is focusing on you.  “Trust You - Facilitation For Organizational Change.”

I believe one of the most important, yet often underappreciated, skill sets of any profession is the ability to be a strong group meeting facilitator. I also believe that the skills required to be an effective facilitator mirror the skills of good leadership.

Dare I say facilitation is leadership, Yes, I dare!

The role of a facilitator is the connective tissue of a successful strategic planning process. Being a confident and effective facilitator is essential. It helps organizations accomplish their goals and provides the necessary structure and process for stakeholder buy-in that is necessary for broader organizational change.

So, what does it mean to be a strong facilitator? What are concrete tools one can use to lead a group decision-making process?

This course was designed to equip people with the tools and resources needed to create organizational change. We begin with an overview of behavior theory as it pertains to group dynamics in meetings, the role of a facilitator, types of meetings, and foundational facilitation tools and techniques.

As change agents, we need to be able to convene, to develop process for meetings that center equity, and to develop trust. Participants will also be led through meeting tool templates that are available via Google Docs and Downloads as part of this course.

By the end of this series, you will:
● Better understand the psychology of group dynamics and how they impact meetings
● Understand the role of a meeting facilitator and managing meeting behaviors
● Develop important vocabulary and meeting tools for effective meetings
● Learn how to keep meeting participants engaged

Trust You Pledge

This course gives back - 50% of the revenue from "Trust You" goes to Women For Women International. Educating women is transformative. In the context of reducing environmental degradation, it is one of humanity’s strongest tools. 

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